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Monday, February 21, 2011

You Have Been Adjusted

There is a trailer out for a new movie called “The Adjustment Bureau.” The movie is about a mysterious secret organization that controls everything around us without our knowledge. It controls us by controlling what we know and who we meet. When things start to drift off course “adjustments” must be made.

This raises the question, how crazy is the premise? Have we been “adjusted?” I propose you have. Let me lay out the evidence.

The protests in Wisconsin are pretty hardcore, lots and lots of very angry people. Too bad they aren't all from Wisconsin. Organizing for America is an Obama website that is mobilizing and busing union people to the State to bulk up the crowds.

But the union guys don't have the best work ethic, so some protests find more reliable sources of rent-able sign wavers, the homeless. I have personal experience during the anti-Obamacare protests in Tulsa of watching the pro-Obamacare protesters putting their signs down at 1:00 pm on the dot and collecting their checks. It was a bit surreal.

American protests aren't the only “adjusted” protest going on, ever notice that most of the Egyptian protest signs are in English. Ever wonder if the Egyptian waving it even knows what it says? Those signs aren't for the Arab viewers, they are for you. Why would a Middle Eastern protester care what a non-Arab a dozen time zones away thought of his efforts? And who handed him the sign and convinced him to wave it?

I imagine these are only a little concerning to you, these tricks aren't even news to you. What if I told you that the US government was creating fake online people to mold public opinion through social media sites. Are all your Facebook friends real? Or are you being adjusted?

Our world is our perceptions, we experience only what we see and hear. With special interests, unions, political parties and even our own government creating illusions for our consumption, our world is constantly being adjusted by those who do not have our best interests at heart. We have to pay closer attention or we'll miss the cracks in the facade. We have to resist the Adjusters.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

This Business Supports FairTax

This isn't really a blog, but there has been more than one person that wanted a larger version of this graphic I did.  To use it just get some of the static cling paper that places like Office Depot sell and print two to a sheet. Apply to any business window you legally own.