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Friday, November 26, 2010

The Tea and Crumpets Party

Two days ago in the European Parliament Nigel Farage of England tore into the leaders of the European Union for their blatant disregard for the sovereignty of the individual nations that made up the Union and their unashamed move against Democracy in those same nations.  Sound familiar?

For two years now we have been in a headlong rush toward a European Socialist style of government.  During that same time the European Union has been in a headlong rush toward true Communism.  The common man in both Unions is beginning to see the edge of that cliff coming up fast and they are screaming for someone to slam on the brakes.

Compare Nigel Farage’s accusations to Rick Santelli’s rant that started the Tea Party Movement.   (Bear in mind that Farage’s speech is as excited as a true and proper English gentleman ever gets.)  It won’t be long until there is a call in the more reasonable Western European states for a return to what we now call Democratic principles.  The English Tea Party is coming, and they drink a lot more tea than we ever did.

We are an arrogant people if we think that the struggle for individual freedoms and rights is solely an American experience.  Have we forgotten the pride and hope in the eyes of those purple thumbed Iraqis as they showed our cameras their mark of honor after having voted at the risk of their very lives? Did we miss the storm of innovation and economic power that was the Japanese experience after they stopped following their Emperor mindlessly and put their trust and powers in the hands of elected representatives?  

There is great change coming on a far greater scale than just here in America.  For every nation that plunges deeper into Socialist slavery there will be one that one that reverses course and grants its citizens greater individual freedoms.  If we work hard enough at this, we can be one of the lucky free nations.
Update:  I messaged Michelle to get her input on this as she is a true Brit.

"Not knowing much about politics - sorry! - I can't make much of a comment except to say that I do in theory agree with what he was saying. Including what he said in the earlier youtube vid. And I do think most others (the general public) in the country would agree wholeheartedly. Everyone moans about Brussels :("

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