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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Who Left Who?

I was thinking about Secession today.  And I started parsing to true meaning of the word.

se·ces·sion [si sésh'n] noun:
A formal withdrawal from an organization, state, or alliance.

In this case we are pondering the Session of States.  From what?  From the United States of America.  So what is the United States of America?  Exactly what would the hypothetical State be seceding from?

The United States of America is a collection of independent sovereign states under the mutually agreed upon governance of a Constitution. This Constitution creates a Federal governing body that presents a common and united face to nations outside the group and also governs the commerce between the States so as to maintain equality in economic and judicial interactions.

But mostly the Constitution establishes what the Federal body can not do.  It protects the Sovereignty of the States and the individual citizens above all.

The United States of America are united because they agree to and follow the Constitution of the United States.  Secession is the act of rejecting that Constitution and the States that are still adhering to it.

It is at this point that I would like to put forth the theory that Secession has already happened.  Let's look at the poster child for Secession, Texas.  In the recent months bills declaring the refusal to follow Federal Laws and Programs such as Gun Control, the TSA, NDAA and ObamaCare have all found their way into the Texas State Legislature.  On the face of it these look like very rebellious actions.  Surely these Texan upstarts are ready to tear down the Stars and Stripes and start lobbing shells over the New Mexico border.

But look again. Gun Control, the TSA, NDAA and ObamaCare are all unconstitutional.  Each of them is a blatant violation of the common document that binds the individual States together.  By considering these laws, Texas is reasserting their belief and adherence to the Constitution of the United States.

In view of that, what are we to make of States that embrace these unconstitutional laws?  New York is not only embracing these laws but adding to them in onerous ways.  New York has made it clear that it holds the Constitution of the United States in contempt  and wants no part of it.  New York has rejected the document that binds the individual States together to form the United States of America.

I contend that New York has already Seceded from the Union by rejecting the Constitution.

The Union was created by the Constitution.  You can not be part of the Union while rejecting the Constitution.  The Liberal run states that have rejected the Constitution and then accuse the Conservative States of being in defiance of the American people.

We have not left the blessed Constitutional Union, they have.

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